13 Diverse SF/F Novels That I Adore

13For me, one of the hardest things is to find diverse novels in my favorite genres: science fiction and fantasy.

I figured I wasn’t alone in this sentiment, so I decided to make a list of a few diverse SF/F novels that I really enjoyed. Some are queer. Some feature POC protagonists. Some may be urban fantasy or magical realism, but I still consider those SF/F. These are just personal favorites that I enjoyed, and I would really appreciate any recommendations you all have.Read More »

7 Recent Diverse Reads that Blew Me Away


Ever since the news got out of an extremely racist book being published (See Mason’s review here), I’ve been actively trying to read more diversely and supporting #OwnVoices authors. While all of these may not be #OwnVoices, here’s a list of 7 books that I’ve read that personally blew me away, and that you all need to try.

(By the time this post is public, this list will probably be doubled. Or tripled.)

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Review #18 // When the Moon Was Ours – Anna-Marie McLemore

Miel and Sam are best friends. Both are different. Miel has roses growing from her wrists, and is rumored to have come out of the water tower when she was 5. No one knows anything about Sam from before he and his mom moved into town. But, all of their secrets are on the verge of being revealed when the Bonner girls start going after Miel’s roses.

Why this book?: LGBT+ rep and the beautiful and unique summary!

I would like to thank the people at St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to have an ARC of this book via NetGalley.

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