Best Books of 2016

the-book-deviantsAccording to Goodreads, I’ve officially read 70 books in the year of 2016! Not my best, but certainly not my worst! I’m also very happy to say that, in the latter half of the year, I read so many diverse reads that this list may have gotten long. This was also the year that I started this blog! I’ll try and keep my explanations short, but there’s no promise to a limit.

(These books aren’t necessarily published in 2016, but just books that I’ve read and enjoyed!)

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Review #29 // Assassin’s Quest (Farseer Trilogy #3) – Robin Hobb



With King Shrewd dead, and Fitz assumed so, Fitz and the rest of the gang are ready to call it quits. But Chade and Burrich are stubborn, and want to do something. Fitz leaves, determined to kill Regal after his treachery and his role in killing Shrewd.

Why this book?: The ending of Royal Assassin just ruined me, and I needed to read this book. But, the summary fills me with dread. Not sure I want this to happen quite yet!

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Review #25 // Royal Assassin (Farseer Trilogy #2) – Robin Hobb


After barely surviving his first mission, Fitz returns to Buckkeep, reluctant to continue his work as an assassin. Somehow, he manages to slip out of doing more murders, but as long as he works against the Red Ship Raiders. As tension within in the castle rises, Fitz realizes that he’s the only one with the skill and knowledge to stop a brewing plot of treachery.

Why this book?: I really liked the first book, and wanted to jump directly into this one!.

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Review #23 // Assassin’s Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy #1) – Robin Hobb


FitzChivalry is the bastard son of Prince Chivalry Farseer. An outcast in his own home, King Shrewd finally sees value in the young boy-to be trained as an assassin. As Fitz grows up, he learns he has an affinity for magic, and that his first mission as an assassin could help with the kingdom’s struggle against raiders.

Why this book?: My friend found this series a while ago, and begged me to start it along with her. I’m a huge fan of high fantasy, and this sounds right up my alley.

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