Review #68 // Everything Leads to You – Nina LaCour

After promising her brother she would do something epic with his apartment while he was away, Emi finds a letter meant for the daughter of a Hollywood Icon named Clyde Jones. Except, Clyde is known for having no descendants, and never marrying. Emi and her best friend Charlotte decide to find this daughter, which leads them on a hunt all over Los Angeles.

Why this book?: The January book of the month for the Keep It Diverse book club!


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Review #36 // You Know Me Well – Nina LaCour & David Leviathan


Despite sitting next to each other in Calculus all year, Katie and Mark have their first interaction in a gay bar during pride week. Katie just ran away from the girl she loves, and Mark was still trying to figure out if his best-friend-sometimes-boyfriend loves him or not.

Why this book?: I’ve heard of both Nina LaCour and David Leviathan before, and my library had just gotten this book. I figured it would be a nice intro to both authors!

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