Guest Post: Queer YA Releases That I’m Most Excited for in 2019! – Julia Ember

Turn On the StarsI haven’t had the pleasure of hosting that many guest posts, but I always enjoy taking the guest’s work and formatting into my standard blog post template. I love promoting other’s work on this blog, especially with diverse topics.

My first guest post I hosted was with one of my favorite authors, Taylor Brooke. And now I’m excited to present another favorite author of mine, Julia Ember, on this blog. Enjoy!

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Best Books of 2017

The Book Deviant's (1)According to Goodreads, I’ve officially read the most I have since signing up for the site: 90! I was really gunning for 100 last year, but there’s always this one! It might be harder, because I’m going to finish high school and enter college (wtf!) by the end of the year.

So, here are some of the best books that I’ve read over the course of 2017. That doesn’t mean that they’ve all been published this year, just ones that I’ve read!

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5 Authors I Really Want to Meet


Considering all the books I have read, you can bet that I have also ran into some pretty fantastic authors as well. Some I feel like I’m basically friends with, with the amount that we talk.

This post will focus on five authors of books that I’ve read who’ve I had contact with, but maybe never met. And, consider this post a recommendation to also read their books!

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Review #96 // The Tiger’s Watch (Ashes of Gold #1) – Julia Ember

The Tiger's Watch (Ashes of Gold Book 1)Tashi is an inhabitor, someone who’s life is bonded to an animal that allows them to see and act through that animal’s body. When the invading Myeik army destroys the capital, Tashi and their friend Pharo flee to a monastery–that the enemy turns into a hospital.

Why this book?: Julia Ember, and a genderfluid MC. Also, it sounds badass.

I would like to thank Julia Ember and Harmony Ink Press for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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