Review #233 [Blog Tour] // Dead Voices (Small Spaces #2) – Katherine Arden



When Ollie’s dad wins early tickets to a new ski resort, they take Ollie’s new friends Coco and Brian, and Coco’s mom, along with them. Their first night there, a storm snows them in, and soon everything stops working. Ollie and friends soon realize that ghosts are keeping them there.

Why this book?: I enjoyed the first book in this series, Small SpacesYou can check out my first review through the link. I’m also in a big mood for spooky stories, so this seemed like the perfect fit.

Thank you to Friya Bankwalla for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Review #119 // The Backstagers (Issues #1-8) – James Tynion IV

The Backstagers, Vol. 1 (The Backstagers, Volume One)

When Jory transfers to a new school, his mother wants him to join a club to make friends. Not knowing what else to do, he joins the drama club–only to be ridiculed off the stage. He instead joins the Backstagers, joining their adventures in the magical area behind the curtain.

Why this book?: I’d heard it had queer characters, and it looked really fun. Plus, I don’t read enough comics!

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