Review #241 // The Dead and the Dark – Courtney Gould

The Dead and the Dark

Logan’s fathers are best known for their paranormal ghost hunting TV show. What many people don’t know about them, though, is that they are both from the same small down in Oregon with a mysterious past. When Logan’s fathers return to their small hometown, Logan quickly realizes that there’s more going on then what she was told when she hears about the missing local boy, and their number one suspect …

Why this book?: Queer horror. Why else?

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Review #238 // What We Devour – Linsey Miller

image008Lorena makes a deal with the prince of a failing country in order to stave off the execution of her partner’s father. She must use her secret, the power of both the Noble and the Vile inside her, to further the research the prince is conducting on the sacrificial door his mother has been keeping shut to protect their world.

Why this book?: It’s Linsey Miller. A better question would be why would I be avoiding this book.

I would like to thank Jackie and Sourcebooks Fire for sending me an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Review #230 // The Luminous Dead – Caitlin Starling

The Luminous Dead

Desperate to get off planet, Gyre decides to fake climbing credentials to qualify for a job that would cover everything. When she gets on location though, she realizes that the climb isn’t exactly what she signed up for.

Why this book?: I love sci-fi horror, and this one came highly recommend by a few friends. I was also doing a weekend buddy read with a few friends (Owl, thank you for making me read this book).

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Review #224 [Blog Tour] // Not Your Backup (Sidekick Squad #3) – C.B. Lee

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Not Your Backup Book Cover.jpg

With more on her plate than the average high school senior, Emma Robledo does the most logical thing: drop out of school. Fighting the corrupt government with superpowered team is definitely overwhelming, especially for someone without powers.

Why this book?: I’ve really enjoyed the rest of the Sidekick Squad series, and I can’t wait for Emma’s side of the story to be brought to the forefront.

I would like to thank Interlude Press for sending me a copy in advance via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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