Do You Follow the Hype?


This is always a hard question for me because I’ve had mixed results whenever I do decide to follow the hype. Is hype good or bad for a book? Do you trust it, or do you avoid hyped books like the plague?

Here are some of my experiences, as well as my opinions on hype, and feel free to add your own opinions/experiences in the comments section below!

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Do You Feel Obligated to Finish a Series?

umpkincarvingpartyOnce you start a series, do you ever feel like you’re obligated to finish it, even after you know you disliked it? Almost as if you got this far, so you have to finish it?

Here are a few series that I started but never finished. Included are the reasons, and if you notice these for any series . . . maybe consider dropping it? Because there are plenty more book that deserve your time more than that mediocre pile of papers.

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Criticizing and Critiquing a Book Does NOT Equal Disliking It

leonardo-da-vinciWhenever I find myself discussing a book, someone always has to say “so why’d you read it if you dislike it so much?” or something in the same caliber. It seems to me that some people just don’t understand what discussing a book can mean.

Just because you see me critiquing a book, doesn’t necessarily mean that I hate or dislike it. I’m just admitting that it’s not perfect-which, for some reason, a lot of people can’t seem to understand.

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‘Historical Accuracy’ and It’s Place in Fantasy/Fiction

historical-accuracy-1Whenever I end up discussing a book, especially if it pertains to LGBT+ or POC representation, I always have someone saying that, to be ‘historically accurate’, these type of people wouldn’t have been around for one reason or another.

Considering that the majority of the books I discuss are fantasy, I figured I would point how how ‘historical accuracy’ makes no sense for defending a books lack of diversity.

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