Best Books of 2016

the-book-deviantsAccording to Goodreads, I’ve officially read 70 books in the year of 2016! Not my best, but certainly not my worst! I’m also very happy to say that, in the latter half of the year, I read so many diverse reads that this list may have gotten long. This was also the year that I started this blog! I’ll try and keep my explanations short, but there’s no promise to a limit.

(These books aren’t necessarily published in 2016, but just books that I’ve read and enjoyed!)

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Review #20 // Warbreaker (Warbreaker #1) – Brandon Sanderson


Taking her older sister’s place, Siri marries the God King of the kingdom that threatens to destroy her own. Her only ally is a god that doesn’t believe in his divinity in her quest to stop the war against her family-and save the husband that was supposed to be her captor?

Why this book?: I’m not satisfied with my experience of Brandon Sanderson, especially after the disappointment of Steelheart. (Read my review here!) So, I figured I should try another one-this time, full on fantasy, and not a YA dystopia.

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Review #6 // Steelheart (The Reckoners #1) – Brandon Sanderson


After witnessing his father murdered by the Epic named Steelheart, David wants revenge. Years later, David finally finds the Reckoners, humans who have killed Epics for revenge. He must convince them to help him kill Steelheart, one of the most powerful Epics of all time. And, he knows exactly what they need.

Why this book?: I’ve been hearing a lot about Mr. Sanderson, and I got this book nearly free as an ebook. Why not start here?

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