10 Books I Want to Read ASAP After Finishing College

10 Books I Want to Read ASAP After I Finish CollegeIf y’all have been following me for a bit, you might have noticed my absence from the book blogging community. This blog, and my bookish social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, have been more or less dead for the past few years.

Well, if you didn’t know, I’ve been going to college! And I just graduated in December! So as I work to get this blog back up and running, I wanted to compile a short list of books published during the time I was in college that I want to read ASAP now that I have some freetime.

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11 Hidden Indie Gems

October 27, 20194 o'clock in the afternoonAdventure Drive Country ClubMontgomery, OhioOften, only books by the Big 5 make their way into the majority of reader’s hands. However, what I’ve found is that some of the best books are some that aren’t published by the Big 5, and that most people haven’t heard of. Since I’ve found that most indies have the best marginalized representation, I started reading more indie books.

So here’s 11 books published by independent publishers (indie) that I think deserve more of a spotlight, and definitely more readers than what they currently have.

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Do You Feel Obligated to Finish a Series?

umpkincarvingpartyOnce you start a series, do you ever feel like you’re obligated to finish it, even after you know you disliked it? Almost as if you got this far, so you have to finish it?

Here are a few series that I started but never finished. Included are the reasons, and if you notice these for any series . . . maybe consider dropping it? Because there are plenty more book that deserve your time more than that mediocre pile of papers.

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