Review Policy

Requests are CLOSED. Do NOT email me.

What Your Requests HAVE TO include:

  • Genre, length, blurb, as well as the obvious title and author. (Goodreads link would be helpful.)
  • Please mention any sensitive topics that will be in your book, such as: rape, mental illnesses, suicide, gore, etc. (Content/Trigger warnings.)
  • LGBT+, POC, disability, or neurodiversity representation within the book or as the author. Please mention specifically who/what/how/whatever is represented when pitching your book. You can also mention if the book is Own Voices or not, but do not feel pressured to come out if you don’t want to.

Other details to consider:


I’ll be willing to take .pdf, .epub, .mobi, or physical copies. .mobi is my preferred file type. Physical copies will be accepted on a case by case basis, preferably from authors I’m familiar with or from publishers. If the book is on NetGalley, I also review through there, and will accept widgets (as long as I okay the book. Don’t just send me a widget.)


I am always looking to help promote novels outside of the Big 5 and am actively searching for marginalized self-published/indie authors to promote. If you fall under this category, please don’t hesitate to email me!

Short Stories, Novellas, Anthologies, etc.

Yes, I do review short stories and novellas. If you are inquiring for one of these, please mention what it is. Otherwise, all of the other requirements and info still apply.


I prefer:

  • Fantasy (Epic/High/Low)
  • Science-Fiction (Dystopia/Space Opera/etc.)
  • Mystery
  • Horror/Thriller

I will consider these genres depending on the plot and representation included:

  • Romance
  • Paranormal
  • Historical
  • Contemporary

** I personally do not care if the novel is Childrens/Middle Grade/Young Adult/New Adult/Adult. I just care if it has decent characters/writing/plot.

Giveaways, Interviews, guest posts, cover reveals?

If approached, yes. Prizes for giveaways must be provided, and Guest Posts must have a set topic before being agreed upon. I would also be honored to do a cover reveal-while I would prefer it to be exclusive, I don’t mind either way.

If I drop/DNF your book?

If I was more than 50% through, I will still review it, and have the review published. If I stopped before the 50% mark, then I will email an apology, with a short review of what I didn’t enjoy. (Me DNF-ing your novel is not meant to be a personal insult. I’d rather DNF than to read something all the way through and have my dislike grow to hatred.)

After it is confirmed that I will be reviewing your book, that means you realize:

  1. I am not guaranteed to like your book, as I can be quite picky. My reviews are 100% honest. Note what I’m looking for through any of my linked social media, namely Twitter or Goodreads.
  2. I may or may not be harsh sometimes. If I get offended for one reason or another, I will take up the entire review about it, or DNF it.
  3. If I am not interested, I will respond politely denying the request. Just because it follows all of my rules, does not mean I will accept it. I do reserve the right to deny requests on a case by case basis.
  4. While the review is published on Goodreads ASAP, it might take some months for it to be published on this blog. If it is an ARC (advanced reader copy) then I will try to have it published at least two weeks before the release date. That, however, depends on when I get it related to the release date. If it’s not an ARC, then it will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Any requests can be sent to:

In the event requests are closed: Do not email me for reviews as the only response you will get is a request to take a look at this page, or no response at all. Unless we have a previously agreed upon review or we have an on-going provide-review relationship, do NOT email me.

Note: Depending on the book, there’s a high chance that the response will be “I’d love to, but it would take weeks/months for me to get to it.” If you’re not okay with that, than it probably wouldn’t even be worth sending an email.

Here is my rating system for reference. Be aware that I don’t give out 5 stars lightly, and I usually have to be blown away to give a book that rating. I also sometimes reward half stars. What the book is shown as on Goodreads, however, depends on my overall feelings. A book with a 4.5 rating could get 4 stars or 5 stars on Goodreads.


★★★★★ (5 stars) – I loved this book! Probably one of my new favorites, I might even buy my own copy of this book and gush about it to all of my friends and through my social media. Something about it blew me out of the water.
★★★★✰ (4 stars) – I enjoyed this book. Amazing, will probably recommend, but something probably got on my nerves or I just wasn’t blown away. Nothing about it was bad, though, and I still really liked it.
★★★✰✰ (3 stars) – I liked this book. It was okay, but there was something that bothered me all throughout this novel, or nothing about it really interested me.
★★✰✰✰ (2 stars) – I did not enjoy this book. Something major really annoyed me, and I may or may not have found the book offensive. Something redeemed it, though.
★✰✰✰✰ (1 star) – I dislike this book. May or may not have DNF’d this book, probably found something offensive, stereotypical, and trope-filled.

this was updated as of: 01/12/2021