Quiz #3 [Blog Tour] // Can You Survive the Road in Briar Glen Forest?

Rules for Vanishing (1)Hi all! I realize you haven’t heard from me that much recently, but I’m trying to keep this blog as active as I can as I go through my second year of college. Thankfully, the people at Penguin Young Readers were able to offer me this amazing opportunity, and I was gifted a surprise package in the form of a diverse and spooky upcoming YA release.

Below, you won’t find my review (not just yet!), but you’ll find something just as amazing. I very loosely based a short horror quiz off this story. While I didn’t want to spoil much with the options, I thought that I took it in a fairly neutral, but fun, direction. I hope y’all enjoy!

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Review #208 [Blog Tour + Quiz] // Song of the Dead (Reign of the Fallen #2) – Sarah Glenn Marsh

40125269With the Karthian borders open for the first time in over three centuries, Odessa made the decision to leave. But while in a faraway country, Odessa and her companions learn of a terrible force that could be the end of the new Karthia. Upon returning, they find that unrest in Karthia is from more than just a change in rulers.

Why this book?: I loved the first book in this series, Reign of the Fallen.

I would like to thank the people at Penguin/Razorbill for sending me a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Blog Tour [Exclusive Excerpt]: Not Your Villain – C.B. Lee

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Today, I’m ecstatic to tell you all that I’m hosting an excerpt of the newly released, second installment to C.B. Lee’s Sidekick Squad series, Not Your Villain! I loved the first, Not Your Sidekick, of which I just reviewed here, and highly recommend the series. Not Your Villain features a transgender MC, Bells, who was introduced in the first. I loved Bells in the first, so I’m excited to read the continuation of the series from his point of view!

Enjoy the excerpt!

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