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About the Blog

The Book Deviant was created in June of 2016 by a bookish teen that needed a place a talk about books. Originally called Reviews by a Bibliophile, The Book Deviant focused solely on giving reviews to books the owner has read, and giving honest and personal opinions. As the owner grew as a person and understood themself better, Reviews by a Bibliophile was renamed, and began it’s journey into focusing on queer and diverse YA, with a few random adult, middle grade, and non-queer books in the mix.

Currently, The Book Deviant is dedicated to spreading the love to diverse books and authors. No longer a teen, the owner of The Book Deviant wants others to read these amazing books and spread the love like them.

About the Blogger

Hi! I’m Avery, and I’m an avid reader, writer, and a librarian assistant at a small town public library. I personally identify as non-binary and queer, and use basically any neutral pronouns, such as they/them/theirs.

While I started this blog when I was in high school, I’ve tried to keep it going while I’ve been attending college. It’s been a challenge, with school and work leaving little time for reading, let alone reviewing, but I try my best. After being on-and-off from 2018-2020, I hope to return to my consistent schedule of posting reviews for all of you.

I’ve been writing reviews for over six years now, and I regularly post them on this blog, as well as on my twitter, my goodreads, and maybe a little on my instagram.

Feel free to contact me on any social media if you want to chat!

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks for checking out my review blog!!

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