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June Wrap-Up

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In my monthly wrap-ups, you can get a quick recap of what I’ve read and currently reading, all the posts that have been published on this blog with dates and links, as well as a personal update at the very bottom! You’ll get the previous month wrap-up as the first post of every month.

Books I’ve Read & Currently Reading:

So, as per my last wrap-up, I’ve been struggling to read since school ended. My slump has been on and off–I’ve read a book here and there, finding ones that I adore, and then not reading anything for a while. Since my last wrap-up, in which I read 5 books in two months, I’ve read 3 books. In one month.

For the ones that I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed them mostly! I listened to the audiobook of The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta, and while I was a little bored, it was still a good read. Then I dove into The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion by Margaret Killjoy, which was amazing. The last thing I read was my most recent 5-star read, The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling. This book–it fucked me up. I still think about it at night and what actually happened.

Besides that, I’ve started and stopped many books, which I won’t name. I hoped that starting a ReadaThon for July will help, so I’m currently reading books for that, as well as an ARC I recieved in the mail. Those books are The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty and The Battle by Karuna Riazi.

Published Posts:

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Personal Updates:

Besides starting my new job and getting a Nintendo switch, not much has happened for me. It’s been extremely stormy in my area, and we’ve had multiple high-damage storms roll through. A semi was tipped onto a truck behind my work during a shift and we had to call 911, but basically, that’s all for me this month.

Here’s to hoping my desire to read will return soon. I’m trying a new spreadsheet system to help, and so far it seems good. I’ll give updates on my Twitter on how it goes.

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