State of the ARC #6

State of the ARCWhen I first started up this blog, I was a stickler for completing my ARCs and posting the reviews two weeks before the release date. Three? years later, that’s not the case.

Because of this, I looked around and found Avalinah’s State of the ARC meme, and decided to join in to at least get this pile under control.

I will attempt to post one of these once a month.

My Current State of the ARC

Before we get into anything, the first thing I want to say is that I went through my NetGalley backlog, and decided to get rid of books that I knew I wouldn’t finish. I ended up getting rid of 11 books. They were all books that I wasn’t really interested in reading, or I was never really interested to begin with. A few of them I only requested because I had heard good things, without really considering that they weren’t my type of book or the like. Below you’ll find the updated graph!

Screenshot (10)

The gold is growing! It’s entertaining to watch it grow, and it’s wildly satisfying to see how this graph changes because of my reading choices. I’ve only gotten a few more review copies this month, mostly from NetGalley, but I’m only requesting books that I really want.

Bricks Knocked Down

Wilder GirlsSince I haven’t written one of these posts in a while, I’ve read more than a few ARCs. I finished reading the Witchlands series, and actually DNF’d Bloodwitch–I just don’t think the series was for me. I also finished my beautiful ARC of Once & Future, and adored it. After that I finished Not Your Villain and The Brilliant Death. 

I got an amazing surprise in the mail for my birthday, in the form of an ARC of I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver. After that I read Birthing Orion and Wilder Girls.

In the Works

Starswept (Starswept, #1)I’ve recently fallen into a reading slump, but I’m currently reading an author provided review copy of Starswept by Mary Fan. It’s kind of weird so far, but interesting! (Very heteronormative so far.)

I just got access to Amy Rose Capetta’s upcoming The Lost Coast, so I’m hoping to start that soon after I finish Starswept. I’m also looking to make a dent in my current NetGalley pile, especially my older ones.

State of the ARC Bingo Update

Untitled design (4).png

Over halfway there!! I’m having fun with this, especially because the prompts are so vague and general that it’s easy to fit books into them. I’m used to bingo prompts that say specific identities or the like, so just having ‘fantasy ARC’ is nice.

Let’s Get Motivated

Since I’m much more of a mood reader, I’ve discovered that this section almost never works for me. To combat that, I’ve decided that I wanted to change this section from what books I want to read to how many.

I’m still in school, and I’m pretty sure we’re coming up on a load of schoolwork before exams, so I’m leaning towards maybe three ARCs before my next one. I’ll try to go through my NetGalley pile, but also stay up to date on my publisher/author copies.

- Avery (2)Thanks for stopping by!

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