State of the ARC #5

State of the ARCWhen I first started up this blog, I was a stickler for completing my ARCs and posting the reviews two weeks before the release date. Three? years later, that’s not the case.

Because of this, I looked around and found Avalinah’s State of the ARC meme, and decided to join in to at least get this pile under control.

I will attempt to post one of these once a month.

My Current State of the ARC

Once again, the way I organize my ARCs is giving me a headache. I made a spreadsheet, which was supposed to make things simplier, but I would delete the ARCs that I finished up, so I had no way to track what I finished after a certain point, which my graph that I usually have below includes. So, after some searching around, I was able to find the novels I read and finished that had been reviewed and then deleted from the list. I’m pretty proud of how my graph looks now.


Look at all that gold! The reason the total didn’t go down but the gold increased was for two reasons: I got a few review copies that I hadn’t anticipated (!!) and I actually read them before this post came out.

Bricks Knocked Down

Now, I’m pretty proud of this part. I’ve read review copies entirely so far in 2019, and the ones that I’ve received since the last post I read nearly right away. I’ve honestly impressed myself.

Highway Bodies

Since last post, I’ve read and finished Beneath the Citadel (misc copy, included in author/pub numbers), Truthwitch, Windwitch, Sightwitch, (included in Bookish First numbers, as this is the series I got from there. Only one left for this one is Bloodwitch. However, the entire series is only counted as one because the review is for the most recent book.) I also knocked out Song of the Dead for a publisher, Hullmetal Girls for NetGalley and Highway Bodies, which I won in a giveaway.

And finally, I recieved and finished an ARC of Once & Future, which was AMAZING. It’s literally on level with Mask of Shadows, which is so hard for me to admit but it’s the truth!!!

In the Works

39863277I normally try and keep one book of each format going. One physical book, one e-book, and one audiobook. Normally, the audiobook is an ARC that is overdue that I just want to get out of the way, because I can read audiobooks fairly quickly. Right now, I’m reading the audio of The Brilliant Death by Amy Rose CapettaAs an e-book, I’m reading Not Your Villain by CB Lee, which I forgot to include in all my ARC counts before this post, so now it’s added. Finally, I’m reading the physical ARC of Bloodwitch, but I probably won’t be finished with it before the book is actually out.

State of the ARC Bingo!

Even though I post these kind of on my own schedule rather than with the group, the moment I found out there was another bingo card to do, I just knew I had to dive in.

Untitled design

The fact that I started this year off reading so many ARCs has made this bingo card go a bit faster than the other one (that I never finished because my memory is terrible). But I’m excited to see this one get filled up! Next, I’ll probably work on a non-fiction ARC or a graphic novel ARC!

Let’s Get Motivated!

Hilariously, I usually only read one of three ARCs in this section, but as usual, let’s hope this goes better.


Jade City and Golden State Killer are already overdue, but Four Dead Queens is published on the 26th. While hopefully I’ll be reading that one by the time this comes out, it’s still high up on my TBR. Jade City is also overdue, but since I book club I follow is reading it for Feb/March, I figured I might as well join in to knock it off my list. And then with Golden State Killer, I found the first book on the Zodiac Killer interesting, so I wanted to learn about this serial killer as well. This one can also cover the “non-fiction” slot on the bingo card!

- Avery (2)

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