State of the ARC #4

State of the ARCWhen I first started up this blog, I was a stickler for completing my ARCs and posting the reviews two weeks before the release date. Three? years later, that’s not the case.

Because of this, I looked around and found Avalinah’s State of the ARC meme, and decided to join in to at least get this pile under control.

I will attempt to post one of these once a month.

My Current State of the ARC

I’m back with one of these posts, and I don’t understand how my ARCs work. I thought I was making my way through these ARCs pretty well, especially because I started using a new system (sticky notes on my wall, crossing off finished books with sharpies) but apparently it’s not working. Some how, even though I’m crossing titles off, my total ARCs have gone up. 

Screenshot 2018-12-16 19.34.38

Even though I stated my priority being the Author/Pub ARCs, I’ve still been reading the NetGalley ARCs because there are so many of them. I need to clear those out, but I also need to focus on the personal obligations. I’m happy to be seeing other colors other than green in this graph, but I wish there were more gold on this graph. Sigh, maybe next time, because winter break is coming up for me!

Bricks Knocked Down

Chasing American Monsters: 251 Creatures, Cryptids, and Hairy BeastsI read three ARCs one after the other, and I was impressed with myself. However they were all NetGalley ARCs. The three NetGalley ARCs I read were She/He/They/Me by Robyn Ryle, Chasing American Monsters by Jason Offutt, and Some Girls Bind by Rory James. I really enjoyed most of these, except She/He/They/Me, which was kinda false advertisement. I gave it three stars, because it wasn’t bad–it just wasn’t what I expected.

I did read one author provided ARC, but I don’t really consider it “knocked down”. I read the very beginning of it, and decided that it really wasn’t for me. I checked it off my list because I wasn’t going to read any more of it, but I also don’t feel like I can say I actually “read” it. This book was Bi-Gender by James-Beth Merritt.

In the Works

I’m currently reading only two books that are ARCs, and that’s Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. I got the whole Witchlands series from BookishFirst, so that means I have to read the whole series, Truthwitch, Windwitch, and Bloodwitch. I only counted it as one though in the graph, because the only ARC is Bloodwitch. I’m also reading Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria, but in addition to the physical ARC I have, I’m reading it the audiobook.

Let’s Get Motivated

So! For my “Let’s Get Motivated” section, I put Illusions back in there because I started it last time, but I couldn’t really get into it. However, I’ve heard really good things about it since I stopped reading it, so I’m going to try again. In addition to that one, I want to get another author provided one out of the way, called How to Experience Death for Beginners by Jessica Branton. For a NetGalley ARC, The Psychology of Time Travel was up for download on NetGalley, which I’ve heard is really good. That one is by Kate Mascarenhas.

- Avery (2)

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