August Wrap-Up

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This year, I’ve decided to start doing monthly wrap-ups. You can look forward to these posts on the first of every month, with the previous month being discussed.

Deciding what I wanted to include in these posts was hard, but in each of these, you’ll find: books I’ve read this month, posts published, as well as news (be it personal or public). Enjoy!

Books I’ve Read:

The Island of Monsters (Spirit Hunters #2)I think I might be in a minor reading slump. *sigh* I seem to fall into these slumps much easier than I used to, which is really hard because I can’t read as much as I want to. Instead, I’m playing video games or watching Netflix or just scrolling through social media. I’m glad that I’ve gotten quite a few posts scheduled in advance for this blog, especially because I’m moving into my college dorm the day after this post publishes.

So, forgetting that anxiety-inducing piece of information, what did I read last month? I finished rereading Ruin of Stars again, and finally wrote a review for it. It was published on the anniversary of when I published my Mask of Shadows review, which is either cute or weird depending on how you look at it.

I also read  Spirit Hunters by Ellen Oh, and have ordered the sequel from my public library. Not being able to get into any of the books I have on my shelves, I also ordered Bygone Badass Broads from my library, and found the Shadow House books byA Study in Honor Dan Poblocki sitting on those shelves as I browsed, and I finished the first one, titled The Gathering. I also read through Bygone Badass Broads, which was fairly disappointing.

Along with those books, I’ve been chugging through A Study in Honor, which is a Sherlock Holmes retelling with two black, sapphic leads. I have to admit that the story is entertaining so far, but I haven’t found too much of a mystery yet despite being half way through. I’ve also been trying to read The Brilliant Death by Amy Rose Capetta, but I’m just not in the mood for it at the moment, and I don’t want to make myself hate it by forcing myself through it.

Published Posts:

I’m so happy that my blog has been so active last month, but I’m a little worried that my first year of college will push me into quitting book blogging. I’ve tried writing posts and scheduling them further out, but I can only write so many until college actually starts. But here are the posts that I published for the month of August!

Aug 1st:July Wrap-Up
Aug 4th: Review #180 // The Scorpion Rules – Erin Bow
Aug 6th: Review #181 // Hello, Universe – Erin Entrada Kelly
Aug 9th: 10 Books I Would Probably Like … But Will Never Read
Aug 12th: Review #182 // The Hatching – Ezekiel Boone
Aug 15th: Review #183 // Ruin of Stars – Linsey Miller
Aug 17th: My Blog’s Name in Book Titles
Aug 19th: Diverse Books Shouldn’t All Be Contemporary
Aug 21st: Review #184 // Spirit Hunters – Ellen Oh
Aug 23rd: Author Interview: Elizabeth Tammi
Aug 25th: Ruin of Stars Nerd Blast
Aug 27th: Review #185 // Bygone Badass Broads – Mackenzi Lee
Aug 29th: Anonymous Bookaholics Book Tag
Aug 31st: Diverse Author Spotlight #3: Cit Callahan

Misc. News

So….Like I mentioned above, I’m moving into my college dorms TOMORROW!!! I’ll be about an hour from my hometown, and I’m hoping I can be more “out and proud” there, especially with my roommate who is extremely friendly. I hope that I can keep this blog going after college starts (I’ll also be working a part time job at the library, so I really don’t know when I’ll read or write posts.)

I have also been struggling with what I want to read. I don’t want to read fantasy or sci-fi, because they’re too heavy. I don’t want to read contemporary because I don’t want to read any romance-y or heavy topic books. Historical is always too much work, so I just don’t know what to read. It’s been killing me!! I’ve been tiding myself over with some fun middle grade titles like Spirit Hunters but there’s only two books and I already finished the first and I’m onto the second. So if you have any recommendations….

I don’t know if you noticed either, but I also brought my Diverse Author Spotlight back up! I started it late last year, and then with school I had to put it off. I just brought it back with my friend Cit Callahan, and I can’t wait for y’all to read the others that I have lined up. I’m booked until April 2019 but if any author is interested, email me and I’ll put you on the list!!

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