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Sooo, when I was tagged by the Other Avery @ Red Rocket Panda in their post for this tag, I knew I just had to do it. I’d never seen this tag around before, and the questions were genius.

So here’s my post! I had a lot of fun answering the questions, so I hope y’all enjoy reading them!

What do you like about buying new books?

I have to choose? Uh, since I rarely get brand new books, I have to say that new book smell. Depending on the book itself, if it’s a hardcover, I love the non-blemished, sometimes smooth matte cover that I get to run my (clean) hands across. And although this is normally a lot of work for me, but I’ll copy the other Avery’s answer and say finding a place for it on my shelf.

How often do you buy new books?

I buy brand new books rarely. And only with gift cards, or at specific indie stores that I want to support. However, I’ll buy a shit ton of used books from library used book sales, because then the books are really cheap. I can usually get 10-15 books for like $30, when buying books new, I’d get 2 books for $30.

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Bookstore or online book shopping–which do you prefer?

I love the ease of online book shopping, because I don’t drive. It enables me to still buy a few books here and there for reasonable prices while not having to persuade someone else to give me a ride. However,love shopping in bookstores and seeing all of the books together and just browsing for hours upon hours. My mom hates it, because she just follows me around and sits on her phone, but I love it.

Do you have a favorite bookshop?

YES!! A Room of One’s Own is my favorite indie bookstore everThey carry so many queer and indie books, and is actually run by queer people and allies, and they even ask your pronouns when you sign up for their rewards program. I feel so happy and accepted there, and have even made friends with a few of the employees, because I always try to go every few months. It’s expensive for me to go there, because the books are full price (except for their clearance section, of which I’ve found a few gems there.) but I give myself an exception whenever I go there because I love that place so much.

Do you preorder books?

Escaping from Houdini (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #3)Rarely, but yes. I mainly preorder books from authors I already know, or books I had gotten an ARC of and fell in love with. Currently, I only have two books preordered, and those are Ruin of Stars (of course), and Escaping from Houdini which I’m really looking forward to! Otherwise, I usually wait to find them at used book sales, or when their e-book goes on sale on Amazon.

Do you have a monthly book buying limit?

No, but I probably should. The way I see it, I very rarely buy books, and when I do they either would go way over the limit, or stay under it well-enough that it wouldn’t be a concern.

How big is your wishlist?

I never keep wishlists updated, but my TBR is freaking HUGE. Usually, books that I want to read desperately are on my “wishlist” so I’ll be looking for them consciously, but rarely will I actually go online and search for the specific book to buy it. I know, I know, weird.

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Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own now?

Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy, Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir, and Song of the Dead by Sarah Glenn Marsh. Yes, these are all books that aren’t out yet, but I have a mighty need for these three books.

(Unfortunately, there is no cover for Gideon the Ninth yet, but I eagerly wait to see that beautiful cover.)

And that’s that! I don’t know who I should tag, but if Sinead and Elise wouldn’t mind being tagged, then I tag y’all!! If anyone else wants to do it, feel free to say I tagged you 🙂

- Avery (2)

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6 thoughts on “Anonymous Bookaholics Book Tag

  1. This is such a cool tag! And I totally understand about brand new books being expensive. I usually frequent a second-hand bookstore where I can sell back their books for half price. It breaks my heart to sell the ones I loved, but it’s the best option I have.

    • There’s a library sale near me where I always get 10-20 books that are brand new/recent releases for really cheap. I found Exit West for ~$3, Sing Unburied Sing for ~$4, as well as recent YA and MG books for less! It’s amazing, and even though I love supporting authors by buying indie or B&N, I just can’t afford it.

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