Blog Update: Sporadic Posting

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t noticed, posting has been very off and on recently on this blog. I really wish that this didn’t happen, but I just haven’t been able to post–at all. I haven’t had the chance to read as much as I’d like except for assigned reading, so reviews are few and far between. I haven’t had time to write up posts except for essays for classes.

I’m really sorry that my life has gotten in the way of this blog, which is basically an outlet for my passions. I love reading and writing, and this blog allows me to do that and share it with others. My job and school have been getting in the way, and it kills me that this blog suffers.

will not be shutting this blog down. As horrible as my posting has gotten, I still want to keep it up and going. I’ll be trying to come up with a posting schedule that allows for a varying posting schedule, but until then, I hope this isn’t disappointing for any of you.

Thanks for understanding.

– Avery.

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