Weird Bookish Opinions


I’ve always thought some of my bookish opinions were quite weird, but I do also know that there are some that a lot of people have in common. I decided to think of a few that I had, and maybe try to reason myself out of thinking they’re weird at all.

Or, I might just laugh at myself. Seeing them typed out before does sometimes change points of views.

1. Reading a hardcover with the dust jacket on.

The only exception to this is library books, where the jacket is literally taped on. Otherwise, I’m paranoid that the jacket will rip, get dirty, etc. At least if the jacket is off, and something happens to the book, then you can cover it up with the jacket. If the jacket gets damaged, what then?

2. Series titles that are also the title of the first book.

I just think it’s very unoriginal. I realize for a lot of them, there’s really no option/reason to make a series title something other than the first book, but I personally cannot get over it. I’m okay even with small variations (A Darker Shade of Magic series is called Shades of Magic. Similar, but different). Like, when I found out that the Game of Thrones series was actually called A Song of Ice and Fire, my little heart sang of joy. It was very pleasing.

3. Gigantic hardcovers.

You know what I’m talking about. Those 800 page books that are made not only very sturdy, but also heavy as fuck. I own two of those, and the reason I haven’t read them yet is because they’re so goddamn huge that my back would probably break while carrying them in school. If you can’t read the book, then should it really be put in that format? A reason I do like them though is that I’d probably be safer picking one of those up if someone broke into my house, rather than picking up, oh you know, that sword on my wall, or even a chair.

4. Stiff paperbacks.

Weird, yes. Reasonable? Also yes. I like the feel of having a very floppy paperback, mainly because I fidget with my book if I’m not reading it. That means, I like flopping the book around, rather than curling the pages or picking at the cover. It’s much less damaging, but more soothing as well.

5. Series that have no end, and unclear beginnings.

There are some series that always seem to relate to another book, and so you go to read that book . . . and it relates to another one. I realize you can look these things up, but it’s also just really confusing, especially when the order isn’t written in the book itself. The best series I can think of that fits this perfectly is Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, of which I have no idea where it starts.

6. Annotating a book is really fun.

So many people flip out when they see that others do this, and it’s honestly hilarious for me. If only they could see my copy of The Great Gatsby. That book is wrecked. But it’s mine. So I can do whatever I want with it.

7. The villains are the best.

IKNOWIKNOWIKNOW. But most of the time, the villains are the most interesting, complex characters that can be in a book. I love grey characters the most, though, because not only are they complicated, but there could be some good in there too. A lot of people hate ambiguous characters, but I find them to be some of the best written characters.

Do you have any weird bookish opinions you want to share? Do you share any with me?


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