My Favorite Relationships

My Favorite

In my experience, relationships often make or break books. Whether it be familial relationship, platonic relationships, or a romantic one. I’ve fallen in love, and out of love, with a book, all based off of the relationships within them.

So, here are some of the best relationships I’ve read. Some of these go back to childhood favorites. Some are more recent. Enjoy!

The Lost Stories (Ranger's Apprentice, #11)Halt O’Carrick & Will Treaty (Ranger’s Apprentice)

While Halt and Will aren’t biologically related, Halt ends up becoming an important father figure to Will, who grew up in an orphanage. Their developing relationship, throughout the eleven book series, becomes such an important and impactful detail, one that I love to sit back and consider, and even (sometimes) write fanfiction about.

FitzChivalry Farseer & The Fool (The Farseer Trilogy)

While the author adamantly insists that this is only a friendship, there are obvious clues within text that imply Fitz and the Fool to have something a bit more than that, but something I always loved was the casual adoration between the two. In my mind, I like to fancy them being in a poly relationship, with the Fool being ace. (Not to mention, the Fool’s gender is basically a question throughout the entire series, so I consider them genderqueer ;D )

Fortitude Smashed (The Camellia Clock Cycle, #1)Shannon Wurther & Aiden Maar (The Camellia Clock Cycle)

I can’t get over the fact that Fortitude Smashed is basically a love story between a cop and a robber. Like, how genius is that? The snark yet pure love between the two is something that makes my day better just by thinking of it. It’s something that makes me excited, and worried, for the sequel, Curved Horizon.

Royce Melborn & Hadrian Blackwater (Riyria Revelations)

These two were golden from start to finish. Although, when the Revelations start, they already work well together, in the prequel series (Chronicles), these two were a cat and dog. They hated each other with a passion, but witnessing their developing friendship, as well as seeing how they end up in the Revelations, is one of those friendships that stay with me long after reading it.

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (Guide, #1)Henry “Monty” Montague, Percy Newton, & Felicity Montague (Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue)

I realize that part of this is a romantic ship, and another part is familial, but the three of these together (as well as Felicity making fun of Monty and Percy) was priceless. I couldn’t get enough of how they interacted, which is, literally “Monty, no” “Monty, Yes”.

Sallot Leon & Elise del Farone (Mask of Shadows)

Y’all had to have expected this book to show up here somewhere, right? From when they met, to when they meet up an unexpected second time, the banter between these two was enough to make me swoon. It’s like they were made for each other, how well they fit together. :’)

The Kings of Clonmel (Ranger's Apprentice, #8)Will Treaty & Horace Altman (Ranger’s Apprentice)(Again)

RA was a huge part of my childhood and growing up, so it was bound to make a second appearance. The friendship between these two is adorable, enough to make me write fanfics that ship them together. I really was trash for them, but for some reason it wasn’t enough for me to realize that I might like…the gay stuff…for a reason. Ya get me?

Danny Hart & Colton (Timekeeper)

So I just recently finished the first book, and yet these two have a solid spot on this list…mainly because they’re so cute together *sobs*. I don’t think I’m prepared for Chainbreaker. I hear it’s nicknamed “Heartbreaker”, so I’m kind of avoiding reading it? Because of these two.

Mask of Shadows (Mask of Shadows #1)Ruby, Emerald, Amythyst, and Opal (Mask of Shadows) (LOL Again)

So, first, I realize that the competition in MoS is to take Opal’s position, but the relationship between the four assassin’s is basically what I like picturing a found family to be. The three original assassins, are a group that I was indifferent to at first, and then the next thing I knew–I was their’s. And then, their interactions with Opal, who I won’t reveal, is hilarious.

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