Review #127 // Generation Why (Ms. Marvel #2) – G. Willow Wilson

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why

Now comfortable with her newfound powers, Kamala Khan is also more comfortable with her alter-ego Ms Marvel. As she goes deeper into the superhero world, Kamala finds herself in the need of a mentor, and maybe some help with the Inventor.

Why this book?: I enjoyed the first one, so I decided to check out the second!

You know, even though I enjoyed this one about the same as I did the first, I can’t help but to be a little . . . disappointed? It was entertaining, it was funny, and enjoyable! But, even though it was all that the first one was, there was really nothing new that was introduced. It followed the same arc as the first. It’s like they have a formula, and they stick it to the dot. I wouldn’t know for sure unless I continued on with the third, but that’s how I’m seeing it at the moment.

The story was just as interesting, and I was surprised with the turns it took, and I was really interested in Kamala’s development, as well as her growing relationships with her friends, family, and newfound coworkers. I also wasn’t expecting how they included her into the overall Marvel universe–I was kind of hoping she’d get her own story line, and I wouldn’t have to deal with all of the conflicting storylines. But, of course, it included people like the Wolverine, Captain America, and some alien race that was really confusing.

These over-arching connections, in all honesty, is what’s been keeping me from reading other Marvel comics. They’re all connected, too connected, and it’s just confusing. Ms. Marvel, on it’s own, would have been amazing. And I guess, without the other stories, Ms. Marvel wouldn’t have happened. But it’s just too confusing.

Final Rating: ★★★☆☆


This isn’t much on the actual book, because, like I said, it was pretty similar to the first one. I liked it! This was more of me ranting about my dislike of the mixture into other storylines, and not knowing what certain things are because of Marvel’s tendency to mix all of this up.

Would I Recommend?

Maybe I’m just not a comics person. Maybe I just need to find a more centralized comic that only deals with one story at a time. Maybe don’t start with Marvel or DC when looking to get into comics? It’s too confusing for me, but I’m still interested in learning more about Kamala and her story. I’ll just have to get past all of the . . . other stories?

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why

Additional Information:

Published: April 7th, 2017

Publisher: Marvel

Page Count: 136

Genre: Graphic novel/Young Adult

Synopsis: via Goodreads

Who is the Inventor, and what does he want with the all-new Ms. Marvel and all her friends? Maybe Wolverine can help! If Kamala can stop fan-girling out about meeting her favorite super hero, that is. Then, Kamala crosses paths with Inhumanity — by meeting the royal dog, Lockjaw! But why is Lockjaw really with Kamala? As Ms. Marvel discovers more about her past, the Inventor continues to threaten her future. Kamala bands together with some unlikely heroes to stop the maniacal villain before he does real damage, but has she taken on more than she can handle? And how much longer can Ms. Marvel’s life take over Kamala Khan’s? Kamala Khan continues to prove why she’s the best (and most adorable) new super hero there is!

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