11 Hidden Indie Gems

October 27, 20194 o'clock in the afternoonAdventure Drive Country ClubMontgomery, OhioOften, only books by the Big 5 make their way into the majority of reader’s hands. However, what I’ve found is that some of the best books are some that aren’t published by the Big 5, and that most people haven’t heard of. Since I’ve found that most indies have the best marginalized representation, I started reading more indie books.

So here’s 11 books published by independent publishers (indie) that I think deserve more of a spotlight, and definitely more readers than what they currently have.

MouseJinx (Jinx, #1)Mouse – Richard Ford Burley
When Mouse movies into a new town he finds himself followed by his classmate’s dead sister’s ghost.

Jinx – Alice Rozen
Jinx meets her mother for the first time, only to find out that she’s a demon, and that Jinx herself is a witch.

Fortitude Smashed (The Camellia Clock Cycle, #1)

The Tiger's Watch (An Ashes of Gold Novella)

Fortitude Smashed – Taylor Brooke
With a timer counting down for their soul mated meeting, neither the cop nor the robber thought they’d be together.

The Tiger’s Watch – Julia EmberTashi and Pharo hide from invaders in a monastery, but then the invaders start looking for something in the area.

Ascension (Tangled Axon, #1)

Fire Boy (Djinn-Son Duology, #1)

Ascension – Jacqueline Koyanagi
Wanting more to her life, Alana stows away on a ship when they come by her business looking for her sister.

Fire Boy – Sami Shah
Driving home from a party, a car accident kills Wahid’s best friend, and djinns steal his girlfriend’s soul.

Long Macchiatos and Monsters

The Melody of You and Me (Lillac Town, #1)

Long Macchiatos and Monsters – Alison Evans
Jalen meets P while waiting for their coffee, and they hit it off when they go see a bad sci-fi movie.

The Melody of You and Me – M HollisChris is working at the bookstore when she’s asked to train the new girl, and maybe hopes to be more than friends.

Peter Darling

The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf (The Tribe #1)

Peter Darling – Austin Chant
Years after leaving Neverland, Peter decides to return home, and finish his fight with Captain Hook.

The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf –  Ambelin Kwaymullina
Rebel Ashala is arrested by her enemies, and is being forced to give up the location of her family.

The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & MagicThe Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths and Magic – FT Lukens
Bridger, desperate for a job, finds himself assisting a boss who keeps myths from meeting reality, all the while struggling with his sexuality.

What are some of your favorite indies? Which are your unappreciated favorites?


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