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RRMMM Badge2.jpgDesperate for a job to help pay for his cross-country college dreams, Bridger answers a slightly suspicious CraigsList Ad looking for an assistant. Bridger gets the job, after climbing up the side of the house to get to the blue door. Soon enough, Bridger learns that his boss mediates world of myths to co-exist with the regular world–but something is knocking every myth in the area off balance.

Why this book?: ‘Cause it sounds amazing, hilarious, and gay.

I would like to thank the people at Interlude and Duet for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths and Magic was one of the funniest books I have ever read, and that’s an understatement. Lukens hooks you in with their sense of humor, voiced hilariously through our protagonist, Bridger, who was such a relateable teen character that I wouldn’t doubt if Lukens was actually a 17 year-old along with me and Bridger. Hearing Bridger’s snarky comments on the happenings at school and work were so hilarious that I couldn’t stop myself reading. I only stopped reading Rules and Regulations after I realized I had been reading it for a full day, and only had 25% left. I had read it so fast, that I hadn’t realized how short it was.

Not only did I love Bridger, but I couldn’t get enough of the rest of the cast. My personal favorite was Bridger’s boss, Pavel, who was hilariously behind on pop culture and seems to enjoy having funny slippers (his bunny slippers had me laughing really hard). The way Pavel and Bridger’s relationship developed was something else that I loved. Bridger’s crush, Leo, was adorably oblivious to his coolness factor, and didn’t seem to notice how his reputation seemed to intimidate Bridger. Bridger’s best friend Astrid, was an amazing, kickass lady that I would pay to have as my body guard. (She can hit me with her hockey stick whenever she pleases. Seriously.) There were many other characters, like Bridger’s Mom, Elena, the pixies, Grandma Alice, and so many more, and somehow, every single one of these characters wormed their way into my heart. Zeke was probably one of the best background character’s I’ve ever read, and I wish there was more of him in the novel.

The plot of Rules and Regulations isn’t at first clear, but you don’t really notice that with how charming the characters are. When the problem finally emerged, the book dropped it’s humor a little bit, and upped the emotional turmoil. Lukens expertly combined humor, fantasy, and an angsty romance into this one book, which I had before only seen in a fanfiction. All of the events of the book, all of the hilarious and shocking, came together at the end, and dropped this huge bombshell on you. I was screaming when the climax came, and, once again, couldn’t stop myself from reading.

Not only was Rules and Regulations hilariously captivating, but it tackled important issues. Bridger was figuring out his sexuality all throughout the novel, and had the very real, and very impactful, thoughts of being rejected by his mother. There are quite a few scenes that just punched me in the gut with the emotion behind them, and, yes, I was crying because of them. My friend Brooke was witness to it.

Final Rating: ★★★★★


I couldn’t get enough of this book, and, even though it’s supposed to be a stand-alone, I would definitely support a possible sequel. The humor and emotion behind this book hooks you in, and won’t let you out until you’ve laughed/cried a few tears.

Would I Recommend?

If you’re looking for a fantastical rom-com, yes! I feel like this book is for a lot of people, especially those who struggle with their sexual ID.

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The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic

Additional Information:

Published: September 7th, 2017

Publisher: Duet Books

Page Count: 298

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Synopsis: via Goodreads

Desperate to pay for college, Bridger Whitt is willing to overlook the peculiarities of his new job—entering via the roof, the weird stacks of old books and even older scrolls, the seemingly incorporeal voices he hears from time to time—but it’s pretty hard to ignore being pulled under Lake Michigan by… mermaids? Worse yet, this happens in front of his new crush, Leo, the dreamy football star who just moved to town.


When he discovers his eccentric employer Pavel Chudinov is an intermediary between the human world and its myths, Bridger is plunged into a world of pixies, werewolves, and Sasquatch. The realm of myths and magic is growing increasingly unstable, and it is up to Bridger to ascertain the cause of the chaos, eliminate the problem, and help his boss keep the real world from finding the world of myths.

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About the Author:

F.T. Lukens is an author of Young Adult fiction who got her start by placing second out of ten thousand entries in a fan-community writing contest. A sci-fi enthusiast, F.T. loves Star Trek and Firefly and is a longtime member of her college’s science-fiction club. She holds degrees in Psychology and English Literature and has a love of cheesy television shows, superhero movies, and writing. F.T. lives in North Carolina with her husband, three kids, and three cats. Her first two novels in the Broken Moon series, The Star Host and Ghosts & Ashes, were published by Duet Books.

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