Review #107 // The Teacher (Penny Green Short Mystery #1) – Emily Organ

The Teacher: Penny Green Short Mystery 1

While investigating a story on an escaped elephant that went through a school’s garden, Penny Green meets a young teacher–who dies the day that they’re supposed to meet to speak of the teacher’s deceased sister, who died weeks before.

Why this story?: I kinda feel in love with the atmosphere of the original series, Penny Green, and was looking forward to the mystery.

Considering I gave this story’s companion only three stars, I don’t know what I was thinking what I downloaded this for free off Amazon.

The Teacher had none of Limelight‘s charm, and, frankly, the writing was a less developed, more boring, and, childish. Organ would frequently skip over scenes in favor of one’s that would feature Penny’s changed personality (will talk on that later), as well as skipped to scenes that favored gossip or just random bits of dialogue to keep the story going. Not only was the story deeply flawed and different from Limelight, but the mystery didn’t even actually make sense! Penny made irrational decisions like trespassing and breaking in just to satisfy her curiosity! The ending just came out of nowhere, and not in a good way either. It was completely random, and didn’t even make sense.

Penny’s character was so different from Limelight that I was convinced they were two different people. Penny acted irrational and bull-headed in The Teacher, while in Limelight she was the calm and collected one compared to Blakely! Organ’s characterization was so different between stories that now I’m concerned over Penny’s characterization in the sequel to Limelight. Yes this was a short story, but if Organ had fleshed out the story more, to the length of Limelight, then it would have been a fabulous story.  But with having previously read the main series, I can’t but be disappointed with both.

Final Rating: ★★☆☆☆


I came into The Teacher hoping for more development into the atmosphere and maybe a better mystery than the original series. Instead I got a decent mystery that was overshadowed by being rushed and horrible characterization. Needless to say, I’m kinda disappointed. I will still be reading The Rookery, the sequel to Limelight, if only to see where the story goes.

Would I Recommend?

Maybe if you’re interested in just reading more of the author’s stuff?? Or reading more of Penny Green, but I do stand by what I said about Penny Green being completely different between the two.

Trigger warnings for murder, attempted murder, and violence.

The Teacher: Penny Green Short Mystery 1

Additional Information:

Published: Amazon Digital Services LLC

Publisher: March 19th, 2017

Page Count: unknown

Genre: Historical/Mystery

Synopsis: via Goodreads

London 1881. A young teacher dies at a school just weeks after her sister. A tragic coincidence or something more sinister?

Fleet Street reporter Penny Green is suspicious but nothing suggests the sisters have been murdered. The police are disinterested and the school wants to move on from the tragedy. How can Penny persuade someone to listen to her?

Penny risks taking matters into her own hands. But the risk might be a step too far.