5 Authors I Really Want to Meet


Considering all the books I have read, you can bet that I have also ran into some pretty fantastic authors as well. Some I feel like I’m basically friends with, with the amount that we talk.

This post will focus on five authors of books that I’ve read who’ve I had contact with, but maybe never met. And, consider this post a recommendation to also read their books!

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Julia Ember – Author of Unicorn Tracks, The Seafarer’s Kiss, and The Tiger’s Watch

I originally fell in love with Julia’s writing when I stumbled upon a review of her first book Unicorn Tracks on The BookAvid. Ever since then, I have not only enjoyed Julia’s writing, but also a friendship with the author. She’s just a very sweet person, and very supportive of the LGBT+ community. She’s very dedicated to her novels and the characters in them. I look up to her in so many ways, and one of these days I just really want to meet her and tell her that to her face. For now, this post will have to do.

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Richard Ford Burley – Author of Mouse

I met Richard through Twitter, like most of the authors on this list, a little before Mouse came out. Since then, we’ve chatted constantly about a variety of things, including his fantastic book. Richard is just a wonderful person, and I feel like he’d be an amazing person to meet face-to-face. Richard wrote #OwnVoices autism rep into Mouse, and, from what I’ve read as of writing this post is that I can only highly recommend it. He’s such a great friend, so it’s hard not to either way.

Mackenzi Lee – Author of This Monstrous Thing, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, and Bygone Badass Broads.

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I have actually already met Mackenzi once, on The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue book tour. She was so funny, and I was so interested in the discussion that I didn’t realize how fast it went by! She is such a wonderful person, and I wish it would have been an option to sit down with her longer and just talk. Her passion over Mary Shelley and history was just inspiring, as well as her dedication to wanting more diversity.

Linsey Miller – Author of Mask of Shadows

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I really only want to meet Linsey to ask WHY THE HELL she left me at that cliffhanger in Mask of Shadows. Like WHO DOES THAT??? Seriously, that was a jerk move, and I have words to say to her.

Okay, that was a lie. Linsey just seems like such a joy on Twitter, plus she wrote an amazing book that literally ripped my heart out. (Yes, I’m still bitter about this. Like we don’t even have a TITLE for the next one.) I really just loved hearing about her thought process and other ideas during the MoS Twitter chat, and I just feel like she would be an amazing person to get to know.

Alison Evans – Author of Ida, Long Macchiatos and Monsters, We Go Foward, Wolfskin, etc

Alison Evans
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Long Macchiatos and Monsters was the first book I read that had really good, solid enby rep that I connected to on a personal level. If anything, I would want to meet Alison just to say thank you, for everything they’ve done. Ida and LMaM remain extremely close to my heart, and I cannot recommend them enough.

Who are some authors that you’d really like to meet? Why?

9 thoughts on “5 Authors I Really Want to Meet

  1. *gets close to a figurative mic* Becky Albertalli. I’ve been in love with Becky since I read Simon VS and my love for her doubled once I got on book twitter and got followed back by her. I’ve been disappointed by authors a lot, but her? I trust. I’d also like to meet Rebekah Weatherspoon and Alisha Rai.

    • I’ve never read any of the authors you mentioned, but I’m most ashamed about never reading Simon Vs. or Upside 😅 And yea, I’ve been disappointed by quite a few as well, so that’s basically why the list is 5 and not, say, 10…

      • Don’t be ashamed! I could link you to good reviews that include TWs for SIMON VS if you’d like before you read. Also upside is one of my all time favs so I’d love to talk about it even more 🙂
        I could list 200 authors but I rather not. I rather meet my online friends instead 🙂 they’re the heroes of my sad lil life.

      • (Omg same I want to meet y’all so bad). I heard Simon Vs. might have some TWs I’ll have problems with, so that’s another reason I’ve been stalling. Probably before the movie, so I can go see it in theatres!

      • Take as much time as you need. If you want page numbers to avoid, that can be arranged. I wanna see the movie in the movies so bad but Bahrain sucks at airing gay movies (or any LGBT+ tbh)

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