Non-Binary Authors You Need to Be Reading

Non-Binary Authors

Recently, I noticed that as I looked for more novels by non-binary authors, I really couldn’t find any. I wanted to create a list of non-binary authors that I know, so I sent out a tweet on twitter that asked for name, pronouns, a link to their work, and, if they wanted to, their gender ID. As of right now, there’s about 47 authors on this list, and I still want to add more. Comment if you want to be added, and I hope you all enjoy this list, and possibly find a new favorite author! (I know I’ve found a few I’m very interested in!)

– Benwell, Fox – he/him – Transmasculine non-binary

Short Stories: (contributing to Pilgrim Playwright Genie Guard)

Novels: The Last Leaves Falling, Kaleidoscope Song

– Barree, Mikaela – he/she okay, they/them/theirs preferred – genderfluid/non-binary

Blog: Minimum Opacity

RPG Geek Page: Mikaela Barree

Company: DriveThruRPG

– Bicono, Luca – usually she/her – genderfluid girl/non-binary

Patreon: ConnexusComics

– Calderwood, Ely Percy (@decenthumanbean) – they/them/theirs – agender


Novels: Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz

– Cantrell, Kelley – they/them/theirs

Patreon: Kelley Cantrell

WIPs: Starstruck, 99 Cent Dream Machine

– Casso, Alex – they/them/theirs

Goodreads: Alex Casso

Novels: The Secrets I Keep, Love Letters to Nameless

– Deaver, Mason (@masondeaver) – they/them/theirs – non-binary

Novels: #EnbyLoveStory, #AceBoyStory, #GayRoadtripBook

– Dering, Lyssa – no pronoun preference


Novels: Fangs Like Me, Merek’s Choosing, fangjunkie27, Breaking Hell’s Rules, Lovesick, Babyvamp, Summer of My Sex Demon, Belly Up, Hunting the Werecroc

– Edith (@micamoan) – xie/xer

– Erickson, Megan – she/her – demigirl


Short Stories: The Layover, Train Tracks, Junkie, White Lies and Indecisions, Good Bones

Novels: Zero Hour,Blood Guard, Blood Veil, Daring Fate, Chasing Destiny, Strong Signal, Fast Connection, Hard Wired, Mature Content, Trust the Focus, Focus on Me, Out of Frame, Overexposed, Changing His Game, Playing for Her Heart, Tied to Trouble, Leveling the Field, Dirty Thoughts, Dirty Talk, Dirty Deeds, Make it Count, Make it Right, Make it Last, Anchor Me

– Evans, Alison – they/she/he

Blog: alisonwritesthings

Novels: Ida, We Go Forward, Long Macchiatos and Monsters

Short Stories: The Tiger is a Metaphor, Wolfskin, Water Fey, Bodies, The Keepers

– Field, Nicole (@faerywhimsy) – she/they

Short Stories: After Ever After, The Selkie, Rosellas in Flight

Novels: The Shock of Survival, The Last American Hero, Prima Facie, One Last Drop, Bad Beginnings, Gothic, The Selkie, 

– Flournoy, Blake (@BlakeLocked) – they/them

– Gem (@writer_gem) – she/her

Patreon: Writer Gem

– Gideon, Francis – them/them/theirs – non-binary


Short Stories: Christmas Delights, Dance Lessons, Removed, Text Messages: A Play, Jesse’s Tattoos, A Light, About Time, Tertium Non Data, Bad Secret Santa, Unorthodox Heart, Midnight Swim, Peace of Mind, Costumed Kiss, Snow for You, The Midnight Bear Express, Sext Based Adventures, Best Two Out of Three, Measuring the Sky, Soap and Skin, Small Changes, Big Rewards, The Imposter, Don’t Forget About Me (and more!)

Novellas: The Life and Death of Eli and Jay, Surrender to Destiny, Homesick at Space Camp, The Good Guys, Cracks in the Pavement, Divine Intervention, Other People, Born This Way, Impatience is a Virtue, 

Novels: The Taste of Ink, Fearful Symmetry, A Winter in Rome, How to Make a Carrot Cake

– Haworth, Kelly – [currently] she/her – genderfluid


Riptide Publishing Page: Kelly Haworth

Short Stories: Strings, Dye, Neither Hir Nor Their, Shedding

Novels: Y Negative, Read My Mind

– Hogebrandt, Antonius M. – they/them/theirs or fey/feym/feir/feirs/feirself

Website: Antonius M. Hogebrandt

Patreon: Antonius M. Hogebrandt

Short Stories: Solitary Duality

Novels: Blood to Blood, Love and Death, Stockholm Sentinels

– James, Jaylee – e/er/enself – bigender

Patreon: Jaylee James / Spectrum Lit

Dating Adventures Blog: Polycule

Short Stories: Choosing You, A Quiet Night In, The Last Guardians, Anachronism, Blood in the Water

Editor of: Spectrum Lit, Love & Bubbles, Circuits & Slippers, Murder-You-Vote, Vitality Magazine

– Jennings, Melissa (@melissajenningz) – they/them/theirs – non-binary


Ko-Fi: Melissa Jennings

Poetry: Afterlife

– Knapman, Wynne (@Wynne_Knapman) – she/him and he/hers – genderfluid, femme-presenting

– Lamb, Sacha – no pronouns

Short Stories: Avi Candor Has Six Months to Live

– Langley, Lina – she/they – genderqueer/non-binary


Short Stories: The Way It Should Be, Shadows, Switch, The Yellow Light, His Name is Carter

Novels: The Whole Trying Thing,

– Leigh – they/them

Medium: Leigh;

– Lemberg, Rose – they/them/theirs


Poetry Collection: Marginalia to Stone Bird

Edited Anthologies: An Alphabet of Embers, Here, We Cross, The Moment of Change

Short Fiction: How to Remember to Forget to Remember the Old War, A Portrait of the Desert in Personages of Power, The Desert Glassmaker and the Jeweler of Berevyar, The Book of How to Live, Grandmother-nai-Laylit’s Cloth of Winds, The Shapes of Us, Translucent to Your Eye, Seven Losses of Na Re, Sisters of the Revolution, Geometries of Belonging, Stalemate, A City on its Tentacles, No Longer Lacking an Onion, A Mother Goes Between (and more!)

– Lindsey, Luna – she/her – Non-binary


Short Stories: Let the Bugs Work Themselves Out, Beyond Earth’s Summer, Touch of Tides, Meltdown in Freezer Three

Novels: Recovering Agency: Lifting the Veil of Mormon Mind Control, Emerald City Dreamer, Make Willing the Prey, Guardian at the Gate

– Lorenz, Theo Nicole – they/them/theirs


Coloring Books: Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace, Unicorns Are Jerks, Dinosaurs With Jobs, Mer World Problems, The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book, The Robot’s Guide to Love, The Aggressive Self-Care Coloring Book, Unicorns Are Jerks 2

– MacNutt, Toby – they/them


Poetry: Perihelion, How I Lost the Sky, The Map, the World, the Dancer, A Travelling Age, Amber and Ash, Chatterbones, Chatterbones, If You Find Me Out, Innervation, The Place Beneath

Prose: The Way You Say Good-Night, Moments of Light, Morphic Resonance

– Maltese, Racheline – she/her or whatever suits presentation – Genderqueer/non-binary


Short Stories/Novellas: Adjunct Hell, The Hart and the Hound, Lake Effect, Off-Kilter, The Omega’s Reluctant Alpha, Room 1024, Sample and Hold, Snare

Novels: Starling, Evergreen, Doves, Pheonix, Cardinal, Midsummer, Twelfth Night, The Art of Three, Bad Idea Alligators, Desperate Needs, Lake Effect, Off-Kilter, Second Chances, A Queen from the North (and more!)

– Murray, Dax – fey/fem/feir


Short Story: The Resignation Letter

Novella: A Lake of Feathers and Moon

– Muth, Laura – undecided – genderfluid

Medium: Laura Muth

War is Boring: Laura Muth

– Nickolaisen, Michelle – they/them/theirs


Podcast: Unplaced

Novels: Keys and Needles

– Nijkamp, Marieke – she/her – agender


Novels: This Is Where It Ends, Before I Let Go

– Penemue, K.M. (@kmpenemue) – they/them/theirs – Non-binary

Short Stories: Dance Away

Novels: Bloodguilty, Grow Wild, Iced Out, King of Diamonds, Wandering Star

– Powell, Alex – they/them/theirs


Short Stories: Insanity Girls, Charmed by Chance

Novels: Across Borders, Rangers Over Regulus, Hakusan Angel, Love Rampage, Sky Knights, All the King’s Men, Yaliana

– Reef, Coryl – she/he/they – gender noncomforming


– Rhywiol, Kaelan (@kaelanrhy) – xie/xem/xyr – non-binary


Flash Fiction: Rusalka, The Moonlighter, First Time, Lust, Homecoming

Short Stories: A Harsher Kiss, Anna’s Choice, Yahui’s Suspension, Serving the Drakon, A Dancer’s Hope, Nera’s Need

Novellas: Mothmen

Novels: Ilavani vol 1-5, Bloodbound

– Ripper, Kris – ze/zir – genderqueer


Short Stories: The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man, Love me True, The Queen’s Reflection, Boyfriends in the Boneyard

Anthologies: All in Fear, Follow Me Into Darkness, Lead Me Into Darkness,

Novels: Catalyst, Unexpected Gifts, Take Three Breaths, Breaking Down, Roller Coasters, The Boyfriends Tie the Knot, The Honeymoon, Extremes, Bad Comes First, Red Comes Seconds, Gays of Our Lives, The Butch and the Beautiful, The Queer and the Restless, One Life to Lose, As La Vista Turns, The New Born Year, Threshold of the Year, Ring in the True, Surrender the Past, Practice Makes Perfect, Kith and Kin, Fairy Tales, The Real Life Build, Take the Leap, Going Home, Home Free, Close to Home, Home for the Holidays, The Ghost in the Penthouse (and more!)

– Ross, A.E. – they/them/theirs


Comic: Angry Cloud Comics

Stage Plays: The Gumshoe Revue, We Know Nothing: Monologues of Ice and Fire

Podcast: The XX Files

– Rustad, A. Merc – they/them/theirs – non-binary


Short Story Collection: So You Want to Be a Robot? and Other Stories

Short Stories: I Sing Against the Silent Sun, Longing for Stars Once Lost, For Now, Sideways, Two Reflections at Midnight, Brightened Star, Ascending Dawn, Yet So Vain is Man, Fathoms Deep and Fathoms Cold, This is a Picture Book, Bodies Like Galaxies, Thrice Remembered, Monster Girls Don’t Cry, The Gentleman of Chaos, Iron Aria, Finding Home, Once I, Rose, To the Knife-Cold Stars (and more!)

– Siegert, Mia – “pronouns don’t bug me” – bigender


Novel: Jerkbait

– Sisona (@Making_Pots & @SisonaCR) – she/her/hers – demigirl

Ko-Fi: SisonaCR

– Speed, Andrea – she/her


Short Stories: Rex Libris #9, Bearskin

Novellas: The Little Death

Novels: Prey, Bloodlines, Life After Death, Freefall, Shift, Pretty Monsters, Peek-A-Boo, Strange Angels

– Stirling, Penny – ou/ou or they/them/theirs – agender/non-binary


Poetry: The Selkie Before Summer, Singing Her Body Oceanic, Skin Ashore, stone, Even Robots Learn, We Met In Dragon Shadow, Zucchini

Short Fiction: Kin, Painted, More Embers than Feathers Filled the Firmament, Zenith’s Wake, Tanith’s Sky, Love Over Glass, Skin Under Glass

NonFiction: Blackwork Embroidery, Did You Mean “A Romantic?”, Aromanticism in Fiction, So You’re Allo and You Want to Write an Arospec Character (Dos and Don’ts), #AroAceJugheadOrBust, Asexuality and Aromanticism in Fiction (and more!)

– Takács, Bogi – e/em/eirs – agender

Blog: Bogi Reads the World

Novelettes: Standing on the Floodbanks, Three Partitions

Short Stories: An Errant Holy Spark, A Superordinate Set of Principles, Volatile Patterns, Some Remarks on the Reproductive Strategy of the Common Octopus, To Rebalance the Body, Toward the Luminous Towers, Given Sufficient Desperation, The Need for Overwhelming Sensation, Forestspirit, Forestspirit, This Shall Serve As a Demarcation, Spirit Forms of the Sea, Changing Body Templates (and more!)

– Te Pohe, Anjulie – she/them


Magazine: Koru Mag

Patreon: AnjulieWrites

– Téllez, M. – they/them/theirs


Short Stories: A Crossroads Dilemma, Cybord Apocalypse, Dark Eyes on the Road, Ghost Town, Hotbloods, My Other Body is in the Shop, Pray We Don’t Forget, The Corpse, The Sermon, Try a Little Tenderness, Adolescence, Gentry

– Timms, E H – they/them/theirs or she/her

Blog: Things to Think About

Ko-Fi: E H Timms

Poetry Anthology: Whispers of Love

Novels: Ring of Nine

Short Stories: Dreamer in the Dark, Nothing Good to Say

– van Rooyen, Suzanne – she/her – genderqueer


Short Stories: Sunflowers and Barbed Wire Fences, Vox Clamanis in Deserto, Darkness is Itself a Canvas, Tartarus, Escaping Scoria, J is for Johannesburg: Pyrrhic Victory, The World Beyond the Glass, Meddling with Dragons, Killing Jar Captives, The Ghosts of Ganymede, In the Cemetery of Frozen Ships, Helotry, Where Dreams are Grown, Fox’s Fire, Sciomancer, Ghosts in Me, Devil’s Threesome, F is for Finale, Where Dreams are Grown, The Machinery of Xmas, U is for Unrequited

Novels: Dragon’s Teeth, Obscura, The Other Me, I Heart Robot, Scardust, Obscura Burning

– Vaughn, Piper – they/them or she/hers – non-binary


Short Stories: More Than Moonlight, Giving In, Beyond Moonlight, Two Times Lucky

Novels: One Small Thing, Wanting, Moonlight Becomes You, The Luckiest, One True Thing, Wood, Screws, and Nails, An Oral Fixation, Last First Kiss, More Than Moonlight, Promise in a Kiss, The Truth About Forever, The Working Elf Blues, Zombie Wonderland, Bookmarked, Permanent Ink, Moonstruck, Prickly By Nature, Love Rising, Cross Bones, Black John, The Party Boy’s Guide to Dating a Geek, Three Strikes, Asylum, Off the Ice

– Vii – she/they

Blog: Of Scripted Shadows

Twitter: @ScriptedShadows

Poetry: Spoken Word–Mother Gaia, Extinction, I Gave You Too Much, A Mother’s Opinion, Siren, Dragon Slaying, U Jien, Cold Turkey, Had I Known, Witchcraft, Time Frame, One Day (but no day soon), Hurricanes, For Orlando, Off With Her Head! (and more!)

Short Stories: Shards, Acceptance, or the Lack Thereof, Tantalus, Change, ‘Jameson, on the Rocks’, A Hatred of Wednesdays, The Merchant’s Maestro, Five Seconds, Love is Blind, A Sense of Understanding, Almost Adulthood, There are no Ghosts Here (and more!)

– Volgate, Volta (@vvolgate) – they/them/theirs – agender

– Werner, Dill – they/them/theirs – genderqueer


Twitter: @DillWerner

Instagram: @Dill.Werner

– West, Xan – they/them/theirs – genderqueer, transgender, trans butch, & non-binary

Blog: Kink Praxis

Ko-Fi: Xan West

Erotica Collection: Show Yourself to Me

Short/Free Stories: What I Need, Willing, A Large Full Meal, The Tender Sweet Young Thing, This Boy, A Wolf’s Yearning, A Lesson About Gender, Alley Obsession, Baxter’s Boy, Compersion, Dancing for Daddy, Facing the Dark, First Time Since, How He Likes It, Its My Job, Kneeling for Him, Knives, Lucky, Missing Daddy, My Will, Nervous Boy, Please, Ready (and more!)

– Whitehall, Alex – they/them


Short Stories: What’s the Sign for Love?, 10-11-01, At First Kiss, One Winter’s Night, Having Cake, We Shall Prevail, Yes, I Can, Born Again, Winter’s Fall, Can I Walk You Home?, The Darkening Hunt

Novels: A Christman for Oscar, Second Skin, Sharing a Pond

– Yang, JY – they/them/theirs – non-binary

Novellas:The Black Tides of Heaven, The Red Threads of Fortune

Short Fiction:The Blood That Pulses In The Vein Of One, Second Hand Bodies, Tiger Baby, Patterns Of A Mumuration, In Billions of Data Points, Storytelling For the Night Clerk (and more!)

– Zabo, Anna – they/them – non-binary


Short Stories: Slow Waltz, A Private Merger, Enemy to Husband, A Carol in Autumn

Novels: Takeover, Just Business, Due Diligence, Daily Grind, Close Quarter, Rules to Live By, Outside the Lines

Note: The majority of these authors asked to be included, were provided by others, or were authors that I knew of personally. If you would like to be added or taken off, please comment on the post, DM me on twitter (@/bookdeviant), or email me at

This list has quite a few hours behind it, as well as double the research, so if you can, please consider adding to my tip jar. Thank you!

18 thoughts on “Non-Binary Authors You Need to Be Reading

  1. Kaelan Rhywiol non-binary AFAB. Xie/xem/xyr

    Free flash fiction: Rusalka, The Moonlighter, First Time, Lust, Homecoming,

    Short stories and vignettes: A Harsher Kiss, Anna’s Choice, Yahui’s Suspension, Serving the Drakon, A Dancer’s Hope, Nera’s Need.

    Novella: Mothmen

    Serialized Novel: (on page rep of non-binary character using xie/xem/xyr pronouns) Ilavani (vol 1-5)

    Upcoming from Ninestar Press: Bloodbound, April 30, 2018, has a genderfluid, touch averse, demisexual character.

  2. Omg thank you so much for writing this up! I so want to read books by non-binary writers but always have no idea where to start! I’ve bookmarked this post so I can come back to it later 😀

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