One Year Anniversary: How Book Blogging Has Changed My Life

The (3)So, just recently, this blog turned 1!

I thought I would start this second year with a reflection how book blogging has changed my life, for better or worse.

When I first considered making this post, I didn’t realize how much has actually happened in a year. And, let me just say, a lot has happened, mostly because of this blog, and what it has done for me.

Before I start getting into all of this, I would like to thank the person who inspired me to start this blog in the first place! Jen over at The Bookavid has such comprehensive and thoughtful posts, and introduced to me to book blogging community through their tumblr. I still diligently read their blog, and often pick up books based on their recommendations. I’ve found some of my favorites, like Julia Ember, through Jen, and I will constantly thank them for how they have influenced my life.

This might end up being a stream-of-consciousness sort of thing, but let’s just roll with it.

First thing I noticed when I started book blogging was how I often dug deeper into the books, seeing more of their meaning rather than just reading the story. I feel like I connect with so many more novels because of my blog and my active reviewing of them, mainly because I’m forcing myself to take note of what I’m reading and my actual opinion of them. But I don’t think of reviewing or reading as a chore (most of the times) because I’m still doing something I enjoy and love.

That then leads into how I’m much more conscious of what I’m reading. Before, it was rare for me to find books with queer characters, let alone characters that use neutral pronouns or neopronouns like me! I never thought I would see myself in a book, and this blog allowed me to find others who were searching for the same thing. We found these diverse novels, and finally found something we truly connected with. I thought I had a long reading list before this blog, but now I’m being suffocated with all the books on my shelves that are queer or diverse in some way. I’ve lost interest in books that aren’t diverse in some way, and have cut books that have been on my list forever because of hearing problematic things about them.

Being conscious of diversity also led me to be more conscious and sensitive to minorities in the real world. I’ve met some truly wonderful people through my blogging, and I keep meeting more and more beautiful people. I’ve also become more politically conscious. It’s hard to not be when you’re fighting for your own rights.

Some of the people I’ve met who’ve changed my life were all mainly through twitter. Corey Alexander, Rose Lemberg, Leah, Anjulie Te Pohe, Ava, Kav, Cae, Mason, Taryn, Shauna, Sinead, Tatiana, Weezie, Vee, Sil, Laura, Cam, Bogi Takács, Marianne, Blow Pop, and SO MANY MORE!!! These people and others inspire me everyday, even if I find them intimidating. They helped me realize who I am, and how I can be more comfortable with myself. They helped me find books that represent me, but also helped me with other things, like life problems and supported me in getting a chest binder. I may not talk to these people that much, but they all mean so much to me.

This isn’t as important as the others, but I’ve also become a faster reader. (Probably because the books are more engaging than what I was reading before.) This time last year, I only had about 25-ish books read. I have over 40 books read, out of my year goal of 50. I was hoping to be able to hit 100, but I suppose next year would be more reasonable for that goal!

I don’t know if this post came out exactly as I wanted, or even readable, but it’s obvious that book blogging has changed my life. I feel so much more like myself, doing this blog, and I feel like I know so many more people who understand me for who I am, and respect me for it.

So, I guess this posts goes to show: book blogging, or really, any blogging I guess, can change your life. It’s not just some pop culture, new chill thing for young people to do. It can and will impact your life.

Thanks for staying this long with me, everyone. Here’s to another year!

– Avery

7 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary: How Book Blogging Has Changed My Life

  1. This made me so happy! 😭 I’m ecstatic that you found yourself in books and truly connected with them.
    Just joining the book community on twitter has truly opened my eyes to the lack of diversity, problematic-ness of books, and troubles within the publishing world.
    CONGRATS on 1 year (and hopefully many more)! xx 🎉🎉🎉

  2. This is wonderful to read. I’m only just starting blogging, but this is kinda what twitter and becoming more involved with its activism did for me. Happy belated anniversary!