Top Ten Upcoming Diverse Covers that Make My Mouth Water

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book blogging meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week was a cover freebie, so basically anything to do with covers! I decided to do upcoming diverse releases (mostly one’s that I’m highly anticipating), mainly to help my cope with my need for them. So many of these sound good, so I’ll link to their Goodreads pages!


1. Tiger’s Watch by Julia Ember

Julia Ember is probably one of my favorite people ever, with her works Unicorn Tracks and The Seafarer’s Kiss. Now, with Tiger’s Watch, she’ll be writing about a genderfluid assassin. I know that she takes care when writing, and so I can’t wait for this one! It’s also a trilogy, so you can be sure I’ll have something to obsess over for a few years.


2. Want by Cindy Pon

I actually was fortunate enough to get an ARC of this one, and I can tell you–You don’t want to miss out on this one. Not only is the full cast of characters POC, but there is also a background sapphic romance, and it’s all based in Taiwan, Taipei to be exact. There is just so much to love about this book, and look at that cover!!!


3.  27 Hours by Tristina Wright

To be honest, all I know about this book is that it’s queer teens in space. I also know that basically every single character in this book is marginalized in some way. I love the author too, as I follow her on twitter, and I cannot be more excited for this book. Not only does it look amazing, but I have no doubt that it truly will blow me out of the water.


4. Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

After reading McLemore’s When the Moon Was Ourshow could I not want to read this one? Add in this absolutely stunning cover and the amazing synopsis, it’s one of my most anticipated releases. McLemore has just beautiful writing, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her style.


5. The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue  by Mackenzi Lee

So much about this book is so tempting, and the moment I heard about this book, I knew it was a must. Everything is just what I want in a book, and I’m eagerly awaiting this one. And the style of the cover? It’s just the right amounts of historical and fun and I cannot wait to have this one on my shelves.


Sovereign (Nemesis, #2)6. Sovereign by April Daniels

I am a HUGE fan of Daniels’s debut, Dreadnought, which I originally heard because of the trans lesbian protagonist. After reading the first, I needed the next one like air. I was so excited to see this cover, because not only is it beautifully amazing with the color scheme, but it continued to silhouette theme from the first.


The Love Interest7. The Love Interest by Cale Deitrich

I will forever be upset that I was denied an e-ARC of this one from NetGalley, because just the concept is amazing. A spy school teaching people to act in tropes, and the two assassins (good guy and a bad boy!!!) missing their mark and falling in love with each other!! The cover is just so perfect for the whole spy feel too. I can’t wait for this one, and I’ve only heard lovely things about it.


8. A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo

All I’ve heard of Malinda Lo is amazing things, but I’ve yet to read any of her novels. I am SO ashamed of this, and I’m hoping to change it with A Line in the Dark. Add that gorgeous cover in with the description, and you can be sure you will find me drooling all over this.


9. Beasts Made of Night by Tochi Onyebuchi

Okayokayokay. It’s Nigerian influenced. I believe it’s #OwnVoices. Read the damn summery and come FLIP TABLES WITH ME WHILE WE WAIT FOR THIS BOOK BECAUSE DAMN. Also that cover????????? Is so beautiful??? Sorry, but this book seems SO amazing and adding in that summary to the cover is killing me with the wait. We need to hype this book up, because I just know it will be huge.


10. The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

First cover with a black girl on the cover in a ball gown, by a black women. This book is going to be so important to young black girls, and all I know–it already has too. I barely know the concept of this book, but the cover is amazing and I can’t wait to support it.


Are there any upcoming covers that you love? What about diverse covers?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Upcoming Diverse Covers that Make My Mouth Water

  1. Aiii, so many gorgeous covers! I especially love the ones for A Gentleman’s Guide and Beasts Made of Night. Another upcoming diverse release with a cover I love is The Library of Fates by Khorana Aditi (before I checked Goodreads, I didn’t even remember what this book is about, just that I love the cover).