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After Alexandra dela Cruz’s crush Adam Cordero calls her selfish, she decides to transform the school misfit into being a princess to Alex’s Queen. But when her protege threatens her hold over the school, Alex begins to show that what she would do to keep her Prom Queen Crown.

Why this book?: I won it in a giveaway through The Book Voyagers!! They highly recommended it!


Short and sweet

I wasn’t aware that Prom Queen Perfect was a 80 page novella, but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. You quickly got to know each important character, and who they were. David was able to spin a believable setting while also keeping the words to a minimum, focusing on the characters and their personalities rather than setting up the scene.

Instead of learning the characters through explanations and examples, you meet character’s through Alex’s point of view, which had a marked difference as you got closer to the end. You could evidently see Alex’s growth as a character with how her opinion of certain people changed, and how people grew on her throughout the novella.

Subtlety diverse

While David doesn’t come right out and say it, it is quite obvious how you’re supposed to see certain characters. She doesn’t force you to see anything, but her added diversity really speaks levels of what writing and publishing should be like, instead of what it is now.

It makes me wish that this novella was an actually full length novel, focusing more on the  depth that could have been added to the characters. I feel like there could have been so much more we could have learned about Christy and Alex and Adam and even Stephen. I wish we could have gotten more background of how and why Alex was the Queen of their school, and not someone else.

Final Rating:★★★★☆


I was at first unsure if I would like this at all, but had heard such good things about it that I had to give it a shot. I was immediately proven wrong with the charm within these short pages, and do not regret getting this. I’ll be sure to reread it a few times, just for the fun of it.

Would I Recommend?

Totally! I would expect anyone to enjoy this, especially if a sci-fi/fantasy junkie like me did! It’s also short enough that even if you didn’t like it, you might as well finish it because it’s that easy. Prom Queen Perfect was a complete joy to read, and I’ll definitely be looking into David’s others works.

Additional Information:

Published: July 7th, 2016

Publisher: Clarisse David through Amazon Publishing

Page Count: 79

Genre: Contemporary/YA

Synopsis: via Goodreads

Being perfect isn’t supposed to be this hard.

Alex dela Cruz has it all. Looks, money, and a killer sense of style.

When the annoyingly gorgeous Adam Cordero calls her selfish, she decides to prove him wrong by transforming Christy Marquez from an invisible misfit into a ruling princess of Asia Pacific Academy. Great hair? Check. Flawless red lipstick? Check. Instant popularity? A slightly too big check.

But now, Alex is on the brink of losing the plastic tiara she’s supposed to get as prom queen, her best friend, and her heart to the unlikeliest of candidates. Too bad she isn’t letting anything—or anyone—get between her and that tiara.

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