Review #40 // Under the Savannah Stars – Julia Ember


Tumelo decides to have a contest between Oswe and Mnemba to decide who’s the best tracker!

Why this story?: I love Julia Ember, and I loved Unicorn Tracks! When I was poking around on her website and found this, I was ecstatic!

Short and sweet!

Under the Savannah Stars was quite a short story, so I’ll try to keep this review brief. Mnemba wanted to prove Oswe that she was a formidable tracker, and Tumelo decided, in his usual fashion, to have a contest! He went off into the savannah, and Oswe and Mnemba had to follow afterwards.

I enjoyed how it was shown that Mnemba is a clear and precise thinker, not normally one to make rash decisions. Oswe galloped off, while she was methodical and searched for evidence of Tumelo’s passing before leaving the starting area. It was also shown how she really didn’t care about the contest at all. She knew her priorities, and knew what was the right thing to do.

This short story, while being unfortunately extremely short, was a nice addition to Unicorn Tracks. It gave a little more insight into Mnemba’s character, and was a nice pick-me-up.

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